About us
The UK-India Business Leaders Climate Group was launched in February 2010 to provide recommendations to the governments of the UK and India on how to accelerate collaborative, climate-friendly economic growth. Calling for the UK's "special relationship" with India to be strengthened even further, UK Prime Minister David Cameron said "This group has a clear mandate to help tackle climate change in a pro-business, pro-green growth, pro-innovation way."
Who we are.
The Group members are drawn from a broad range of sectors including business associations, educational institutions and commercial organisations in media, banking, IT, energy, and manufacturing. Their organisations are all leaders in sustainability and innovation.

The Climate Group is acting as the secretariat for the initiative and providing logistical and technical support.
Charter of Principles and Report.
The Group has produced a Charter of Principles, which sets out the practical ways for strengthening UK-Indian collaboration and accelerating the transition to low carbon economies.

The Charter and supporting Report identify real business opportunities that will improve resource efficiency and energy security as well as boost innovation, productivity and competitiveness.

In framing these opportunities in the form of principles that are deliverable through practical actions, the Charter acts as a template to other countries seeking similar bilateral partnerships.
UK-India connection.
The history of political and business links between the UK and India, together with their complementary set of skills and resources, means that expanded collaboration in policy design, investment, and R&D can significantly accelerate low carbon growth, reduce the cost of both countries' efforts to reduce emissions and strengthen their international leadership.

This initiative builds on the relative strengths of the UK and Indian business communities and puts them both at the forefront of the international climate dialogue.